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Started off as a 1-man team to pursue a dream in the design world, Choobub Creatives has grown since 2016 comprising of unique individuals from different industrial backgrounds.

Hello! I'm Eric.

Let me share with you how Choobub Creatives started.

This is how it all began...


I started operating an e-commerce website of mine since April 2016 through a company called Ethissa Enterprise, servicing and maintaining the e-commerce website behind the scenes while handling the other aspects of logistics and fulfilment of the business itself.

On the 21st of January 2017, the company was awarded the Site of the Year award for 2016 for best web design under the e-commerce category by the Malaysia Website Awards (MWA), hosted by the Exabytes Group. The event itself was held in George Town, Penang.

How Choobub Got Its Name

My little daughter created the name Choobub, who decided to give an object a name as she did not know what it was called.

Not wanting to let her creativity go to waste, I’ve decided to adopt that name and give this company its identity.

After the awards, I started another company called Choobub Creatives to offer web designing services. However, I realized there's so much more than just designing websites. Companies needed not only pretty websites but a design strategy to make their businesses work.

As years passed, I met unique individuals along the way who are great at doing what they do. With a thick face, I invited them to come on board. Now, as a team, we managed to accomplish way more tasks than what I can ever do by myself.

You can always learn more about what we do by downloading our portfolio.

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