Do I Need A Website? Or Do I Want A Website?

I should write about this as this question: “Do I need a website?” kept popping up each time I meet a new client. If you run a business then my answer is a resounding yes, at least from my perspective.

Not knowing why you want the website is the problem here. If your goal is to have a website because everyone has one, you’re in for trouble.

It’s just like getting health insurance without knowing what it’s for but since everyone has one, you might as well pay for one.

To give you an idea of what you can do with your future website, here are 7 ways how you can utilize it:

1. Reputation

It makes your business more trustworthy. Like it or not, people who come across your business, will one way or another try to find more information about you online.

With a website, it gives your business more credibility as it tells others that you’re serious about your business.

2. Leads

It can help you to collect leads such as phone numbers or emails from your website. These can be used to convert them into clients later.

More importantly, these leads are more valuable as compared to random numbers or emails because these are the ones that already have an interest in your business. Otherwise, they won’t be even submitting these details to you.

3. Advertising

To use Google Ads, you will need a website. Not that you can’t use Facebook as your “website” but Facebook ultimately is a social platform.

There’s so much you can do with a social platform. You can’t edit the layout, design and certain wordings of the site since it’s all been set from the beginning.

4. Automation

If your business involves booking of appointments, why not use a website to simplify that task for you? Get your customers to book online instead.

This frees you off from these menial tasks and focuses on what matters most, making money. A website can also help you to accept payments in advance and secure you that deal first.

5. Store

Everyone’s joining the e-commerce bandwagon but tread with caution. However, with the right marketing plan and model, you can make it work.

Want more sales? An online store will give you the extra mile to reach a wider audience with a minimal overhead cost.

6. Informational

You spend a lot of time answering close to identical questions from your potential customers. From pricing to shipping enquiries, why not put them all up on your site? Saves you tons of time rather than repeating yourself again and again.

These allow your customers to ask more relevant questions than ticking you off when you’re busy.

7. Showcase

A website can give you bragging rights too if used in the right way. Your achievements can be broadcasted for all to see rather than having you blowing your own horn. Portfolios are what customers want to see. Your work. Your art. Use your website to showcase them all. It’s like an online business card, with more stuff than just your name and contact details.

Have a better idea now what you need to do with your website? Let’s talk. If it’s still a no, then better keep that idea of making a website on-hold first. Otherwise, you’ll just be throwing cash away unnecessarily because you just want a website. Not a need.

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